Our Mission

Our Mission

“Promoting transparency and accountability in local government.

The Kent County Taxpayers Alliance was formed in 2006 to promote openness and accountability in local government. We believe that citizens can have the most affect on local issues and that’s where were focus our efforts. Local government needs to be open and honest about what it does. Openness leads to accountability.

We are a non-partisan organization. We are the only organization in Kent County looking out for taxpayers and open government. In addition, we do not endorse any candidates for public office. Our purpose is educational, not political.

As part of our mission, we also run two sub-projects:

  • The Kent County Open Government Project is designed to make as much information available to residents about their local government. KCOGP is a work in progress, so come back as we improve it and add more information.
  • The ITP Watch project keeps an eye on the local transit agency, also known as “The Rapid.” In our experience in dealing with local government, we’ve come to the conclusion that The Rapid is the least transparent and accountable local government agency in Kent County. For that reason, we keep the pressure on The Rapid to do a better job.

If you agree with our mission, we invite you to join our organization. Lifetime membership for Kent County residents is just $20. Click here to learn more and to donate online.

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