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Abusive Tax Elections

About Abusive Tax Elections The term “abusive tax election” is a term that KCTA coined to call attention to local governments which lose a tax millage request and then return just a few months later to voters with the same request in the hopes that it will pass a second time. This practice is abusive …

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Kent County Land Bank Authority

Latest news on the Kent County Land Bank Authority Sweetheart transfer of 160 tax-foreclosed properties to the taxpayer-funded Kent County Land Bank Authority by the City of Grand Rapids is bad for taxpayers and bad for city government New Poll Shows Grand Rapids Tax Increases Face Steep Climb and Land Bank Lacks Public Support Kent …

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The Rapid

The Kent County Taxpayers Alliance has, for the past several years, kept up the pressure on The Rapid (legally known as the Interurban Transit Partnership or ITP) because it is the least transparent and most wasteful government entity in Kent County. Our sub-project, ITP Watch, has collected significant data and reports in order to document …

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