Kent County Taxpayers Alliance Saves Kent County Taxpayers $9.8 million

The Kent County Taxpayers Alliance helped to successfully defeat the second request by GRCC for a millage increase. The final margin of victory was 361 votes for those opposing the tax hike.

Despite August traditionally having low voter turnout in outlying Kent County areas, voters came to the polls to reject GRCC’s second request. Although the city of Grand Rapids had much higher voter turn out than in May due to their mayoral race, their yes votes were overwhelmed by a larger opposition to the millage request in Wyoming, Walker, and the outlying townships.

Said KCTA spokesman, Dr. Eric Larson, “We were a small band of volunteers with a very limited budget but we persevered. Despite being outspent by over $100,000 we focused on the smaller townships and prevailed because of their boosted voter turnout. This is a great day for taxpayers in Kent County as they will now have $9.8 million more to feed into the local economy.”