Kent County Bureaucrats are After Your Wallet Again!

After Kent County voters rejected the Grand Rapids Community College millage tax hike in May, the bureaucrats are asking for nearly the same tax hike again only three months later!

Because the tax hike request was close, officials assume voters just made a mistake and really wanted to pay more in taxes. That’s why they are coming right back with a $150,000+ campaign to convince you of your mistake.

Do you think they would hold another election if it had only passed by one vote? You know the answer to that question.

In fact, officials admitted that the reason they are holding the millage request again so soon is that there is traditionally low voter turnout in the summer in rural communities making the request more likely to pass.

They admit to not valuing your voice – only your wallet!

Be sure to vote again this August 7th. Tell your neighbors and make sure this tax increase doesn’t sneak through.