KCTA Praises Channel 3 Reporter David Bailey for Courageous Reporting on The Rapid

The Kent County Taxpayers Alliance today praised David Bailey, lead reporter from Television News Channel 3, for his hard-hitting reporting on yesterday’s news broadcast. Bailey’s broadcast involved an interview with Peter Varga, the CEO and director of The Rapid, the area’s local government agency that provides public busing service to Grand Rapids, East Grand Rapids, Walker, Wyoming, Grandville, and Kentwood. Unable to answer the most basic questions about The Rapid’s services and use of public money, Varga walked out of the interview and refused to answer Bailey’s questions.

Prior to this report, Bailey contacted KCTA for help in getting information from The Rapid because of the unwillingness of The Rapid’s staff to be helpful and forthcoming. Our own experience is very similar. Last year, The Rapid tried to slap KCTA with a $450 bill for a Freedom of Information Act Request, but backed down when we appealed that bill and pointed out that The Rapid’s actions were illegal and a violation of the Act.

Eric Larson, spokesperson for the Kent County Taxpayers Alliance, said, “Our experience mirrors the Channel 3 reporter’s experience. The Rapid works hard at preventing openness, transparency, and accountability to the public. Frankly, The Rapid has the worst record in the county of all local governments we’ve dealt with.” Larson went on to say, “Trying to get information from The Rapid on how our tax money is being spent is frequently frustrating and disheartening.”

The must-see Channel 3 report can be viewed in two parts online:

Part One: http://bit.ly/KXLs8S

Part Two: http://bit.ly/LHuyMW