KCTA Opposes Proposition 1, State Sales Tax Hike

Statewide Proposition 1, which will be on the ballot Tuesday, May 5, will amend Michigan’s constitution to enact a permanent sales tax increase from 6% to 7%, a 17% increase. The Kent County Taxpayers Alliance opposes this constitutional amendment because much of the money being raised is not going to roads at all, but other government entities.

“This is a general tax increase, not a road tax,” said Dr. Eric Larson, president of KCTA. “The state doesn’t need another tax hike of $2 billion a year.”

While proponents refer to the tax increase as one for about $1.3 billion for roads, the passage of the ballot question would trigger other tax increases as well, such as higher gas taxes and higher car and truck registration fees. Only about 60% of the total tax increase would go to roads, while the rest would be spread amongst other local governments, in order to garner their support for the issue.

“We see local bureaucrats promised additional funding if the constitutional amendment passes,” said Dr. Larson, “and now they’re spending tax money to campaign in favor of a tax increase. It’s inappropriate and insulting to voters.”

KCTA encourages those who wish to help with defeating this proposal to contact the organization formed to oppose the issue, Protect Michigan Taxpayers.