KCTA Opposes Abusive Tax Election in Northview Public Schools District

Today the Kent County Taxpayers Alliance (formerly Kent County Families for Fiscal Responsibility) announced that it is opposing the tax increase election to be held by the Northview Public Schools district on Tuesday, May 8th. Voters rejected the same tax increase request in November of last year.

“Our organization did not take a position on the original tax request last year, but we are opposing it now because this is a classic case of an abusive tax election,” said Eric Larson, spokesperson for the Kent County Taxpayers Alliance. He continued, “We believe that elected officials need to respect the wishes of voters, not schedule election after election until their tax hike passes.”

An abusive tax election is defined as an attempt by a local government body to pass a tax increase shortly after it was already rejected by voters. Michigan’s laws do not prevent local governments from returning to voters every three or four months to ask for the same tax increase, over and over.

Northview Public Schools had two tax issues on the ballot last November; one of them passed, the other did not. The school district has decided to try again on the issue that did not pass.

KCTA will be reaching out to voters in the Northview Public Schools district to remind them to vote and to oppose this abusive tax election.

Kent County Taxpayers Alliance opposed a similar attempt by the leaders of Wyoming Public Schools to pass a tax hike after it was rejected by voters in May of 2011. KCTA got involved when Wyoming tried again just three months later to pass the same tax increase. After KCTA’s involvement, the request failed by an even larger margin.