KCTA Questions Second Wyoming School Millage Request

The Kent County Taxpayers Alliance, a local non-partisan taxpayer’s advocacy group, announced its disappointment in the Wyoming school district’s decision to ask for the same millage increase this August that failed in the recent May election. The Wyoming school district is asking for a 0.5 mill increase in property taxes for ten years in a proposal that failed on May 3rd by a 58-42% margin.

KCTA spokesman Eric Larson said, “Our disappointment and opposition to the Wyoming school district millage request is the same today as it was to Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC)’s request in 2007. After a narrow defeat in May of 2007, GRCC officials said the voters didn’t understand their tax request so they reran the millage only three months later. We helped defeat the GRCC millage then and we will seriously consider actively opposing this request. Ordinarily, we do not get involved in single municipality or school district millage requests but we may make an exception this time.”

“We are opposed to governments that continue asking the same question again and again until they get the result they want. Wyoming’s school officials should show respect for the voters and accept their defeat.”

“We find it insulting that the school officials insinuate the ‘no’ voters were voting against the bus millage and were unaware that the Wyoming school district question was a separate tax request. If the government believes you are intelligent enough to vote yes or no they need to accept the results.” Continued Larson, “Placing this issue on the ballot again is fiscally improper as a special election is being called in Wyoming to ask just this question. It is this sort of abuse of the taxpayers that we are committed to exposing and fighting.”