Get Out the Vote Effort Organized to Oppose Wyoming School Millage

The Kent County Taxpayers Alliance, a local non-partisan taxpayer’s advocacy group, began its get-out-the-vote effort opposing the second attempt to pass a Wyoming School millage tax increase. The millage request for 0.5 mils assessed for ten years in a sinking fund is identical to the request put before the voters on May 3rd of this year.

KCTA did not oppose the millage in May but will work to defeat the request on its second attempt this August 2nd.  Said KCTA spokesman Eric Larson, “We are so disappointed in the actions of the Wyoming School Board to bring before the voters an identical tax increase request that voters soundly rejected by 16% only three months ago. Our mission is to promote transparency, government efficiency, and good governance. Asking the people of Wyoming, who pay some of the highest property taxes in Kent County, for a rejected tax increase again is a clear abuse of government power.

“We find it ludicrous that the school board chose to hold an election to re-request a tax increase that will cost the taxpayers over $9000 when those same voters definitively said ‘no’ in May. We believe no means no. Unfortunately, many government officials think no means maybe. In order to protect taxpayers we will begin an extensive get-out-the-vote effort before the election so that Wyoming citizens realize there is an election. We can only hope, if the measure fails again, the government will accept the will of the people after this election.”