KCTA Opposed to Kent County Purchase of Development Rights Program

The Kent County Taxpayers Alliance entered the public discourse over the weekend regarding the proposed county funding of a purchase of development rights program. The group stands resolutely against the use of Kent County’s public funds to transfer from taxpayers to a few farmers.

The organization is the local taxpayers’ rights group that professes to fight for good governance and low taxes. They believe that private enterprise provides better and more efficient solutions to solving local problems than using the public purse. They have been involved in opposing millages for The Rapid and GRCC which they helped defeat in 2009 and 2007 respectively.

Spokesman Dr. Eric Larson stated a number of reasons for KCTA’s opposition to the proposal. “We consistently applaud the private efforts of citizens in Kent County who support various initiatives through philanthropic means. That activity is what makes West Michigan such a vibrant and wonderful place to live. However, we cannot support a measure which takes taxpayers’ hard earned money and transfers it to a few select farmers.

“Not only is this an inappropriate use of taxpayer money but it is also relies upon failed command and control economic planning. The selection process already risks being influenced by people with special connections or information. The government should not be in the business of picking winning and losing industries – especially with other people’s money. To even imagine using public funds for any endeavor in today’s economy while simultaneously cutting funding for emergency services is almost too hard to believe.”

KCTA will await the results of the December 10th county commission meeting to decide upon its next plan of action. It is preparing for either opposing a county wide millage or possibly a petition drive depending on the details of the meeting.