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New Kent County Open Government Project web page released; compare tax rates, schools, and transparency

Today the Kent County Taxpayers Alliance announced the release of its completely revitalized Kent County Open Government Project (KCOGP) web site. This site allows residents of Kent County to compare local tax rates, school district performance, and local government transparency. It also allows anyone to create and print out a Freedom of Information Act request to any unit of local government in the county.

“We’re very excited to release our Kent County Open Government Project web site,” said Jeff Steinport, spokesperson for the Kent County Taxpayers Alliance. “The new features are beyond anything we’ve seen for any taxpayer organization in Michigan. We’re proud of the hard work that went into the site and we know that it will be very useful for all Kent County residents.”

The new site, available at, allows anyone to view the tax rates for each township, village, and city in the county, as well which school districts overlap each local unit of government. This, combined with the ability to compare school district performance, allows residents to find the best schools at the lowest cost.

For instance, the KCOGP web site allows users to find the school district with the highest graduation rate in the county – Caledonia Community Schools. When the user views the details of that school district, the municipalities that overlap it can be compared according to tax rate. The lowest local tax rate in the Caledonia Community Schools District is Lowell Township, with the 77th lowest taxes in the county (out of 93 local taxing units).

The Kent County Open Government Project also rated each local unit of government in 24 areas of transparency, ranking them on how open they are and how much information they make available to taxpayers online. Each unit of government was ranked with a letter grade. The highest-ranking government in the county was the City of Wyoming, with a raw score of 22 and a letter grade of A. The lowest ranking local government was a tie between the Village of Sand Lake and the Village of Casnovia, both with a very poor score of 3 and a letter grade of F.

Some interesting statistics available on the Kent County Open Government Project web site include:

  • The highest taxes in the county are in the part of the City of Grand Rapids that overlaps Forest Hills Public Schools, with an average tax bill of $3,403 each year;
  • The lowest taxes in the county are in the part of Solon Township that overlaps Tri County Area Schools, with an average tax bill of $1,466 each year;
  • The school district with the highest graduation rate is Caledonia Community Schools, with a 95.11% graduation rate;
  • The school district with the lowest graduation rate is Grand Rapids Public Schools, with a graduation rate of 44.56%;
  • Wayland Union Schools spends the most per pupil in the county, spending $17,268 each;
  • Tri County Area Schools spends the least per pupil in the county, spending $9,387 each.

Kent County Taxpayers Alliance Saves Kent County Taxpayers $9.8 million

The Kent County Taxpayers Alliance helped to successfully defeat the second request by GRCC for a millage increase. The final margin of victory was 361 votes for those opposing the tax hike.

Despite August traditionally having low voter turnout in outlying Kent County areas, voters came to the polls to reject GRCC’s second request. Although the city of Grand Rapids had much higher voter turn out than in May due to their mayoral race, their yes votes were overwhelmed by a larger opposition to the millage request in Wyoming, Walker, and the outlying townships.

Said KCTA spokesman, Dr. Eric Larson, “We were a small band of volunteers with a very limited budget but we persevered. Despite being outspent by over $100,000 we focused on the smaller townships and prevailed because of their boosted voter turnout. This is a great day for taxpayers in Kent County as they will now have $9.8 million more to feed into the local economy.”

Kent County Bureaucrats are After Your Wallet Again!

After Kent County voters rejected the Grand Rapids Community College millage tax hike in May, the bureaucrats are asking for nearly the same tax hike again only three months later!

Because the tax hike request was close, officials assume voters just made a mistake and really wanted to pay more in taxes. That’s why they are coming right back with a $150,000+ campaign to convince you of your mistake.

Do you think they would hold another election if it had only passed by one vote? You know the answer to that question.

In fact, officials admitted that the reason they are holding the millage request again so soon is that there is traditionally low voter turnout in the summer in rural communities making the request more likely to pass.

They admit to not valuing your voice – only your wallet!

Be sure to vote again this August 7th. Tell your neighbors and make sure this tax increase doesn’t sneak through.